About Us

Welcome to SURFBANK!

ALL IN ONE: Save, personalize and share your content, knowledge and information. Structured and clear in one place, your place!

SURFBANK is the NEW content management platform for your news, media, social media, feeds, asset, knowledge and information.

ALL IN ONE: It personalizes your content and information: structured and clean in one place, YOUR PLACE!

Save your content and personal treasure: It keeps everything you care about and expands beyond that. The central place for valuable content, videos, files, images, posts, websites, links, pages, people, locations, information, recommendations, exchange and knowledge you want to keep. Including your images, videos, files on your device.

Just use the "SHARE" option to save any digital- & online content or device assets. For your individual use and for sharing with others.

  1. SURFBANK is structured and ready to organize all the information that is relevant to you. You can put together your own MEDIA, SOCIAL MEDIA, topics, content and decide what you want to save for yourself and share with others. In addition, it offers you many communities, GROUPS, FOLDERS and people with whom you can network to get information, recommendations about your interests and topics, inspiration, knowledge. Or if you want to know more about topics and people. Everything in one and in your hand.
  2. Save your interests, information, knowledge and content (we call them your PEARLS), anything that is relevant and interesting to you or that you just want to keep.
  3. Any content, websites, addresses, articles, videos, music, posts, links, images but also files, videos, images directly from your smartphone, so that you have everything together in ONE APP.
  4. Sorted and organized in private or business FOLDERS for yourself and GROUPS. 5. Everything is clear and arranged like a media library that you find everything easily and directly.
  5. Follow interesting people with great interests. NETWORK with experts and communities and exchange experiences, recommendations, content and knowledge from and with others.
  6. Interesting and inspiring contributions from other users are posted in the PUBLIC section.
  7. Use the location connection feature and NAVIGATION options for all saved locations and travel information such as Hotels, Cafes, Shopping areas, countries, 'places to be' or recommendations from others. Or save your Google map savings to SURFBANK.
  8. Choose your FEEDS, MEDIA and your sources of information yourself, from your preferred media, news and SOCIAL MEDIA sites.
  9. In addition, you can set your FAVOURITES for selected social media and receive their posts exclusively in real-time. You will never miss their messages.
  10. SURFBANK is tailormade for you and defines your handling of information and content as well as your daily use. No more switching between tools or Apps, no more long searches for relevant content.
  11. Build your custom platform in an environment with NO ALGORITHM or ADS controlling your content, consumption, time and order. And without data sales.
  12. Use FOLDERS, GROUPS and COMMUNITIES to increase the quality of information and content.

SURFBANK promotes your personal growth, both PRIVATELY and in BUSINESS. Passed on and recommended by like-minded people and friends. It connects you with people, experts, colleagues and great experiences.

It is about quality, self-determination, personal growth and the benefit from the exchange with others.

For dreams, well-being, self-determination, enrichment, inspiration and fun!

We look forward to welcoming you to your SURFBANK!