Everything in one place. SURFBANK revolutionizes the use of digital content with an innovative, personalized community app. 

The new platform simplifies the saving and sharing of information, social media, and news feeds across all formats, like a personal media library in one central location. It brings together information and inspiring content through groups and communities, using your own network with the power of tips and recommendations from others (WOM Word-of-Mouth), and becomes the best, central place for all digital content and information.

The challenge of organizing digital content is often addressed nowadays through screenshots, sharing links, and platform-specific opxions. So, everything is somewhere, but not in one central place. SURFBANK closes this gap and allows users to organize content deliberately, personally, structured, and interconnected. Users can create their individual content library based on topics, customize them with their own cover images, and even add a location.

SURFBANK goes beyond a conventional bookmarking service and combines key applications. These facilitate the sharing of content, creating shared folders with family, friends, and colleagues, forming, and joining groups and communities, as well as complementing with personal images, videos, and documents.

The platform also integrates a news section with combined media feeds and a social media section that pulls in selected feeds from connected accounts. SURFBANK is ad-free and algorithm-free. Users see only what they have chosen and saved.

In summary, SURFBANK offers:

  • An intelligent fusion of personalized bookmarking, content management, social media, and news feed favourites.

  • Easy saving of content from websites, apps, and smartphones through the share button.

  • Connectivity through sharing and collaborative use of content.

  • The evolution of the community approach with the creation of groups and folders around shared interests.

  • Timeliness through news feeds and information from self-selected sources.

  • A free of charge, ad-free application without content algorithms.

  • Versatility as a website and iOS/Android app.

SURFBANK is available for free and can be used internationally in both English and German versions. Future features will be introduced in additional roll-out phases. The platform is hosted in Germany and complies with the highest data protection and security standards.

Monetization will take place later through the extended offering of interesting additional features.

SURFBANK transforms the value of digital content and personal utility by uniting relevant information and knowledge globally, complemented by the power of Word-of-Mouth (WOM) recommendations!

Benjamin Syring, CEO and Founder of SURFBANK, states:

"The digital world offers us an almost inexhaustible abundance of sources and information. Like many users, organizing everything and not losing anything was a challenge for me. I possessed valuable content but couldn't centrally organize it in an app. Like most, I often resorted to screenshots, sharing links, or using platform-specific opxions. However, there was a lack of an independent tool to manage my relevant information purposefully, personally, structurally, and interconnectedly.

With SURFBANK, my goal was to create a platform where everyone can save their 'pearls' according to individual interests and access them effortlessly. Everything in one place, organized by topics and groups, and especially with the ability to share content both privately and professionally. Additionally, News and Social Media Feeds can be displayed, personally selected without withholding information or flooding the feed with ads."

The internet offers numerous ways to inform ourselves and find precisely what we're looking for or delve into our passions comprehensively. Saving the best locations, cafes, hotels and restaurants for your next trip or finding new ones, interesting articles you want to keep or videos on interesting topics from relevant keynote speakers or influencers you follow. But how do we secure these contents, find our favourites again, and make them visible to others? Until now, there have been more or less effective hacks to save and organize online information. Users often resort to screenshots, sending links to themselves or others, or using the storage or bookmarking features on respective platforms. The average user possesses many parallel lists and collections of links, articles, or films that often do not correspond. Everything is somewhere but not in one place—my place. SURFBANK bridges the gap between personalized Bookmarking social media, Content Management, and personalized News Feed, revolutionizing the digital experience for every user. It is a free solution that focuses on the user's personal needs and interests, closed and organized in one app. Nothing is lost, and everyone can create their overview individually. This results in categories and topic folders filled with exclusively relevant content from various sources. The app can be used individually or for sharing with friends and colleagues. Moreover, users can leverage the great potential, experiences, and knowledge of others to create their groups and communities or join existing ones.

The different features of SURFBANK go beyond advanced bookmarking service. 

The functionality is smart, and the user experience is simple and intuitive. By using the "Share Button" on online platforms, the application opens automatically, saving the URL, title image, and a short descripxion. Users can supplement and decide in which category the content is stored. They can gradually build their individual content library with preferred topics such as Travel, Food, Inspiration, Learning, etc., complete with a personally chosen title image. Another feature is the ability to associate images and places directly with the current location or address, utilizing the connected navigation system. For example, users can add the location to their restaurant recommendation or favourite café directly. They can transfer their marked favourites from a map app to SURFBANK, centralizing them.

Individual content or entire folders/categories can be shared directly. Users can create shared folders within family, friends, and colleagues or merge existing folders. The application is not only geared towards private interests but equally for professional topics, applications, and groups. Images, videos, or documents from smartphones or PCs can also be saved in SURFBANK.

SURFBANK relies on personal experiences and recommendations, going beyond a friends/influencer network. 

Everyone has their way of searching the internet. Chosen keywords are individual, and the algorithm offers different content based on the profile. Together, this creates wonderful digital treasures and information—to exchange, form groups, follow communities, or simply get inspired. The strategic goal is for SURFBANK to be utilized for the establishment of theme-specific groups or expert networks, forming a new generation of digital experts and influencers. The application aims to bring people of all ages together who share a passion and interests, making information easily and directly accessible. This way, users receive genuine recommendations from real people. For example, planning a trip to Cape Town, users can find individuals through SURFBANK who have shared great experiences and tips (hotels, restaurants, cafes, locations, places-to-be) or live there, becoming experts on the fantastic and diverse South African city and its surroundings. Or users can collect recipes for the next cooking or baking session, or discover films and talks that inspire them the most.


-           found a recipe on the internet? Just save it in SURFBANK (Recipes).

-          a friend sent you an interesting link? Simply save it in Surfbank (Topic X).

-          discovered a fantastic cafe, hotel, restaurant, or location on social media? Just save it in SURFBANK (Travel).

-          share your folders with others and fill them together.

Integration of Social Media Posts and News Feeds (add Media) 

The third pillar of SURFBANK focuses on the theme of "NEWS & Information," i.e., all information from self-created and relevant sources in an overview. Various news feeds and social media favourites can be easily connected and integrated. The app consolidates what the user has created in a feed, eliminating the cumbersome switch between apps and websites in their daily news interests. A morning click on SURFBANK is enough to stay up-to-date. A filter allows users to see everything or only specific views, depending on their needs and settings.

SURFBANK is ad-free and without an content-algorithm.

We are accustomed to the use of algorithms and personalized advertising. While algorithms make life easier and more convenient in many areas, they hinder the maintenance of independence and individuality elsewhere, distorting information quality and priorities. With SURFBANK, users only see what they have selected and saved, directly and in real-time. No spam or advertisements.

In a Nutshell 

Innovative: Intelligent combination of bookmarking, content management, social media, and personalized news feed to opximize the digital experience.

Simple: Save everything online or from smartphones/PCs via the share button in one app and its folders: whether from websites or apps, whether films, images, articles, links, or posts.

Connected: Share and collectively use content or entire content folders with family, friends, and colleagues.

Surprising: SURFBANK represents the evolution of the community approach and group building around shared passions and interests. Each user has the opportunity to expand their network and knowledge, receiving interesting word-of-mouth recommendations, tips, and inspirations from others.

Up-to-Date: Stay current with "NEWS" by selecting media and social media feed sources yourself.

Ad-Free: The app operates without ads and does not use an algorithm.

Versatile: SURFBANK is available as a website and iOS/Android app for free on the App Store [iOS] or via Google Play [Android].

Additional features will be introduced in the next RELEASE.

Availability / costs

SURFBANK is free and will remain so in this version. Additional B2B and private features are planned, some of which may be subject to a fee. There will also be new free features.

SURFBANK is internationally rolled out and available in German and English versions. Other language versions will follow.

SURFBANK works with iPhone 7 and above, iOS 15, and Android 8.0 and above.

Hosting is located in Europe.

SURFBANK places great importance on complying with the highest data protection standards and has external and independent data protection officers to ensure compliance with data protection and security regulations.


SRFBNK GmbH was founded by Benjamin Syring in 2021 with its headquarters in Stuttgart. Syring is a marketing expaert with years of experience in the international and digital fields. Together with an expert team, SURFBANK was developed over two years. The vision is to bundle the best possible content for the user, both personal and business, in one app.


Benjamin Syring, founder, and CEO: Business, Strategy, Product Development, Brand, Customer

Ingo Froehlich, CFO: Investor Relations, Finance & Controlling

Oliver Rudolph, CTO: IT, systems, and processes

With international experience in various areas of sales & marketing, digitalization, finance, corporate-, project- and product development.

[Later-]  Social Responsibility @ SURFBANK

SURFBANK is committed to social projects and has set up a section from the beginning to highlight great projects. The website regularly shares new links to organizations that can also be supported by users through donations.







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